FOOSA Philharmonic

exceptional camaraderie!


Note that audition videos are a required part of your application on You will need to record a video in which you perform two contrasting pieces or movements (one lyrical, one more technical).* No professional videography is required. A video recorded with a smartphone or computer will be good enough.

Questions about FOOSA Philharmonic? Check out our FAQs here!

Please submit your FOOSA Philharmonic application via getacceptd. No application is considered complete until application fee has been received.

Note: For the FOOSA Philharmonic we will accept players of the following orchestral instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute (piccolo), oboe/EH, clarinet (E-flat, A, bass in addition to B-flat), bassoon (contra), French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, and harp. No piano at this time. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR FOOSA PHILHARMONIC.

*Those who play doubling instruments, please also record yourself performing two contrasting orchestral excerpts on those instruments. More information about FOOSA Philharmonic applications and audition videos can be found on our FOOSA FAQ page. If you have any trouble uploading videos, or have additional questions, just contact us at

*Percussionists and low brass players: Please visit our FOOSA FAQ page for detailed instructions regarding exactly what to submit in your audition videos.

FOOSA Half-Day

Immersive instruction!


FOOSA Half-Day Program applicants: please just use the REGULAR, SIMPLE HALF-DAY APPLICATION FORM. Email us at if you have any questions. Thanks!

Thank you! If you have trouble with the site, or find you still have questions, email us at

Here is a link to the FOOSA TUITION ASSISTANCE FORM. Until you have been accepted to one of our FOOSA programs, this document is for  your information only. Please do not submit tuition assistance forms until AFTER you have been notified of acceptance into one of our programs.

Once you learn of  your acceptance to one of our programs, you will need to download, print, complete, and return with required income tax information. (Can be emailed as pdf files to